Human Resource

All issues regarding recruitment, promotion, transfer, designation, resignation, among other HR services

County Jobs

Apply for open positions jobs/internships/attachments at the County Government of Migori at any time


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Corporate Social Responsibility

We play a positive role in the community and consider the environmental and social impact

We facilitate the recruitment and appointing of the county staff members

We manage board operations in the county

County Administration


We do are keen on performance and world operations

Public relations





Functions of Migori Public Service Board

Our core functions as stipulated under Section 59 of the County Government Act, 2012 are to:

  • Establish and abolish offices in the County public service.
  • Appoint persons to hold or act in offices of the County public service.
  • Exercise disciplinary control.
  • Promote the values and principles in the County public service.
  • Develop coherent, integrated human resource planning and budgeting for personnel emoluments.
  • Prepare regular reports to the County Assembly.
  • Issue advisories to the County Government on human resource management.
  • Make recommendations to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission on the remuneration, pension and gratuities of public officers.