Sector Priorities


Sector Priorities and Strategies 

Sector PrioritiesStrategies
Human capital developmentPerformance management  
Preparation of policy papers and strategic plans  
Capacity building and training of current staff  
Recruitment of qualified and competent staff through an automated recruitment process  
Creating a culture of positive competition in the public service  
Strengthened staff welfare  
Regular review of salaries, pensions and gratuities and issuing advisories to SRC  
Public service board servicesPreparation of regular reports   
Exercise of disciplinary control   
Promotion and re-designation of staff  
Recruitment of staff as requested by departments   
Preparation of advisories to the executive service Board
Promotion of national values and principles of governanceSensitization of staff on values and principles of governance   
Monitoring and evaluation of the level of implementation of values and principles of governance  
Mainstreaming values and principles of good governance in all board activities  
Preparation and review of employment equity plan  
Preparation of regular reports on the level of implementation
Information and records managementArchiving of board records  
Implementation of recruitment and database management systems   
Purchase and installation of ICT equipment