Our Vision 

A Customer-Focused and Motivated County Public Service  

Our Mission

A responsive public service workforce that prides itself in effective, quality, and dedicated service  

Our Core Values  


  1. Professionalism – The Board is committed to exercising the highest standard of competence and skill in the performance of its functions.  
  2. Integrity  – In the performance of its functions, the Board ensures adherence to virtuous moral and ethical principles both within and outside of the duty station. The Board is steadfast and consistent about what is right, the will to refuse to engage in corruption and morally questionable behaviors  
  3. Customer focus – The board is devoted to ensuring the customer’s needs are addressed in their service delivery and safeguarding customer satisfaction.  
  4. Inclusivity – The Board affords all people an opportunity to participate in activities including decision making which affect their lives. It respects and values everyone for who they are.   
  5. Teamwork – The Board works together as a team to ensure its objectives as well as the common goals of the county government are met.